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I’m the host of the Old Books with Grace podcast, as well as a writer, medievalist, and wife and mom. This is where I share what I’ve been up to lately, what I’ve been reading and enjoying, a monthly meditation that you won’t find elsewhere, and some medieval fun extras for the nerds over here.

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Twice a month, I upload a little video (with accompanying text) of myself briefly lecturing on a section of a book that we read together, and there will be discussion threads and conversations. It is basically a more informal, communal, far cheaper version of a university course on medieval and early modern literature! It is not fast-paced but invitational. You can read or watch the lectures at your own pace, or you can read with me and chat.

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Grace Hamman
Medievalist, writer, podcaster, mother, wife. Julian of Norwich fan forever. "Old Books With Grace" podcast available wherever you get podcasts.